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Harmful thingsLess harmful alternatives
SGML, XML, YAML.JSON, CSV, ndb(6), plain(UTF-8) text, S-expressions.
Bash, tcsh, zsh.rc, OpenBSD's pdksh, ash/dash, depending on the use case execline.
GNU Coreutils.Plan 9 from User Space, skaware.
GNU info.Man pages, other documents set using troff or TeX.
GCC.8c, tcc, cproc.
Glib.libc (see above), p9p's C libraries, skalib.
Apache, lighttpd.thttpd, OpenBSD's fork of apache 1.3, nginx, httpd, or best of all: don't use HTTP.
SVGPS(PostScript), pic
PDFPS(PostScript), DjVu, PDF.